Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, January 31, 2019

9:00AM Coaltrans opening remarks

9:10AM How have changes in the global coal market effected the US market

• Key factors that influenced the coal markets during 2018
• Has the U.S. switched from swing supplier to baseload supplier to global coal markets?
• Interplay between China’s steel market and US met coal exports
• Opportunities for US exporters as demand for thermal coal grows in Asia
• Wild cards that could emerge in 2019

Jack Porco, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources

9:35AM Coal price forecast

• Looking ahead at the price forecast of met and thermal coal
• Understanding the key drivers for change within the market
• The US met coal market has been stable, for how long will this continue?
• What impact could US tariffs have on coal prices?
• How is the demand in Asia for thermal coal impacting prices?

Greg Marmon, Sr. Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

10:20AM Networking refreshment break

10:50AM US Coal Market review

• Reviewing the 2018 RFQs and domestic met coal sales as a judge for the direction of the market
• How have US tariffs effected coal exports to China and other regions?
• How will competing alterative energies impact demand for thermal coal in America?
• Will export prices stay strong and what will this mean for US production?
• How is demand impacting purchasing and should we be thinking longer or shorter term?

Hans Daniels, CEO, Doyle Trading Consultants

11:25AM How might political protectionist policies impact the US coal market?

• Understanding the US states role within global coal trade flows
• What are the implications of the coal and steel tariffs on export quantities of US coal?
• Are tariffs effecting the Chinese steel market and production rates?
• Could a protectionist political approach revive the US domestic steel industry?
• What impact would a reduction in demand of coal have on production levels from US mines?

Valerie Volcovici, Energy Correspondent, Thomson Reuters

12:00PM Networking Lunch

1:30PM US Coal Production

• How has the industry’s contraction and consolidation impacted regional productive capacities?
• How do current capacity utilization rates of US coal basins compare to historic levels?
• Could higher productivity offer additional production or has productivity reached a plateau?
• What has been the trend in recoverable reserves by basin?

Fadi Shadid, Senior Economist, US Department of Energy - U.S. Energy Information Administration

2:00PM Producers perspective

• What price points needs to be sustained to maintain current mining capacity?
• How can US miners take advantage of strong export markets and higher prices?
• The true cost of an ever-changing market as a swing supplier on mining companies
• Does uncertainty lead to hoarding and what are the knock-on effects of this?
• Assessing the depletion rate of mines compared to capital investment for new mines
• Looking into financing support for mining companies

Trey Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer, The Cline Group

2:50PM Networking refreshment break

Met Coal Stream

Thermal coal consumers

3:20PM Met coal price and demand forecast

• Reflecting on what the key drivers for change were this year
• Looking ahead to what factors could be future influencers
• An overview of the direction of the market
• Price forecast best case to worst case scenarios

Alistair Ramsay, Research Manager, Metal Bulletin Research

3:50PM An overview of the steel market

• How is China’s influence effecting steel prices
• What impact have recent policy changes had on US steel production
• How does changing US coal production levels effect the US steel market
• Where are the opportunities for US steel producers
• What is the future outlook for the US steel market

Thorsten Schier, North American Steel And Ferrous Scrap Editor, Fastmarkets AMM

4:10PM Met coal buyers panel

• The US met coal market has been stable, for how long will this continue?
• Looking at how the Chinese steel market is faring and impacts on US met coal exports
• Reviewing the 2018 RFQs and domestic met coal sales as a judge for the direction of the market
• How have US tariffs effected coal exports to China and other regions?
• Looking at prices and demand for the year ahead

Matt Schicke, Chief Commercial Officer, Corsa Coal
Mike Nobis, Director Of Met Coal Procurement, DTE Energy
Mike Grim, President, Oremco,inc
Mike Hardesty, Svp Sales & Commercial Operations, SunCoke Energy Inc

5:00PM Mergers and acquisitions in the US coal space
• Is there more to come after a busier 2017 on the M&A front?
• Is the market likely to see more met or thermal coal consolidation?
• What are the catalysts to see further consolidation?

Moderator: Jeremy Sussman, Managing Director - Global Mining Analyst Head Of Us Research, Clarksons Platou Securities Inc
Jonathan Rose, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
Randall Atkins, Ramaco
Kevin Stanley, Executive Vice President And Chief Commercial Officer, Contura Energy

3:20PM Update on the cement market

• Macro view of North American cement market
• Overview of the cement making process
• Understanding the use of coal and solid fuels in the production process
• What role does fly ash play in the cement and concrete markets
• The effect of FDG (Synthetic gypsum) in coal fired power plant closures

Kenneth Lerner, Senior Commodity Manager, CRH Canada Group Inc

3:50PM Insights into the thermal energy market

• The impact of competition from other energy sources on the American energy mix
• As demand for thermal power in Asia increases, where are the opportunities for US sellers?
• Exploring the last few thermal coal import regions in Europe
• Looking at prices and demand for the year ahead

Matthew Moore, Senior Coal Trader, Vattenfall Energy Trading NV

4:10PM Thermal coal buyers panel

• How is pressure from competing energy sources effecting the US energy mix?
• Will the government’s more positive outlook on coal enable new thermal power plants to be built?
• How does changing US coal production levels effect the US thermal energy market?
• What is the impact of US railroad performance on domestic utilities competing with exports?

Tris Swindle, Principal Buyer, Southern Company Generation

4:40PM Asian Thermal coal buyers

• What is driving growth in the region?
• For how long will the growth continue?
• Reflecting on coal supply to the region
• How competitive is US coal?
• What are the main challenges with suppling to this region?

A.M Dharam, Head - Coal Procurement Group, Tata Power Company Limited

5:30PM Evening networking reception

Evening networking reception – Palm Grove, Four Seasons
Enjoy drinks and canapés while you network with conference attendees


Day 2: Friday, February 1, 2019

9:00AM Coaltrans opening remarks

9:10AM What role can carbon capture play in the current coal climate?

• How is carbon capture being used in the coal sector?
• What are the financial implications of carbon capture?
• How can members of the supply chain encourage carbon capture projects in the US and abroad?

Patricia Loria, Senior Client Engagement Lead, Global CCS Institute

9:30AM Coal to Products: a New Future for the Use of Coal

• New Approaches for converting coal to Carbon Products
• Advanced Carbon Materials from Coal
• New Carbon Materials and Products R&D
• Coal to Products from the USA to China and back

Randall Atkins, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, Ramaco, LLC
Christopher Matranga, Staff Scientist, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Edgar Lara-curzio, Leader In The Materials Science & Techology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jeffrey Grossman, Professor At Mit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matt Targett, Director Of Coal To Liquids Technologies, Ramaco Carbon

10:10AM Networking refreshment break

10:40AM The Key Role of Sampling & Analysis in Coal Exports

• Overview of sampling principles and the importance of sampling
• An overview of the current state of loadport sampling & analysis
• Seller beware – Issues with disport sampling & analysis
• Considerations when referencing ASTM/ISO standards in contract language

Paul Reagan, President, Sampling Associates International

11:10AM Shipping session

• Freight prices forecast
• What are the key drivers for change in the freight price?
• How will the 2020 fuel oil ban effect freight prices?
• What are the key challenges faced by US shipping firms?

Adam Anderson, President, T. Parker Host, Inc.

11:40AM Railway transport of coal in the US

• Reflecting on what the key drivers for change in rail transportation costs are
• How could extensions in rail routes improve the transportation of US coal
• What are the key challenges of transporting coal by rail
• Reflecting on future rail transport costs for coal deliveries

Blair Priest, Manager - Coal Marketing, Norfolk Southern
Tony Reck, Chairman Of The Board & Ceo, Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc.
William Trice, Business Manager, Coal Export, CSX

12:20PM Coaltrans closing remarks

12:30PM Networking lunch

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